Blaze / Designer


ui & ux

Altimeter for iOS Altimeter for iOS Altimeter for iOS

Altimeter is an iOS app that grabs precise location-based altitude data – I designed the user interface and created various prototypes to come up with a clear user experience.


ui & ux

CMS for iOS CMS for iOS CMS for iOS

CMS (Cabin Management System) is aviation software that controls the cabin climate, media, lighting, & shades on private jets - I helped create a visual design and a new user experience for iOS, also researching existing cabin mangement systems. Agency: Tack Mobile

C4 Home Automation

ui & ux

C4 for iOS C4 for iOS C4 for TV

C4 is a home automation system — on this project I helped with re-designing a new visual language and navigation experience based on their existing system. In collaboration with Matt Thomas / Agency: Tack Mobile

Lost Data

Art Direction

Lost Data is a short film based on lost footage from the 80's space missions. Sounds via NASA Soundcloud.