Altimeter is an iPhone app that grabs precise, location-based altitude data. The app uses the internal iPhone barometer sensor to gather air pressure data, which helps calculate altitude. The goal was to create a simple experience to log your hiking data with the option to share on social media. On this project, I was responsible for the user interface and product experience (launched 2016).

Home Automation

A home automation system controls & automates various connected smart devices. On this project I helped with re-designing a new visual language and navigation experience based on existing systems.

Agency / Tack Mobile

Cabin Management System

A Cabin Management System is aviation software that controls the cabin: climate, media, lighting, & shades. We wanted to come up with a new and minimal way to navigate on iPad devices, while keeping some familiarity with traditional systems. This product is used by flight attendents and passengers.

Agency / Tack Mobile